Q: What are the differences between conventional and siphonic drainage systems?
Q: How does the cost of installation of a siphonic system compare to an equivalent “traditional” storm water system?

Q: What are the main benefits? Why use it?

Q:What special considerations are needed in the layout of roof drainage when using a siphonic roof drainage system?
Q: Where do siphonic systems terminate? How is the connection to the soakwell system made?
Q: Can the horizontal piping run uphill or can it offset up and over an obstruction?
Q: Is there any special maintenance required for siphonic drainage systems?
Q: Are secondary (overflow) systems necessary?
Q: What are the typical down pipe sizes?
Q: Is the design of the box gutter incorporating siphonic drainage different to that of a conventional downpipe system?
Q: How much room is required for the siphonic drainage system underneath the (box) gutter?
Q: Is there a minimum roof area required for siphonic drainage?
Q: How far can a siphonic drainage system run horizontally?
Q: Does siphonicroof drainage improve the green star rating of my building?



A: Siphonic drainage offers many benefits, both technical and economic. Smaller pipe diameters and the horizontal ability of siphonic systems create several benefits that many architects, hydraulic engineers and builders have already realised. Among these benefits are:

• Smaller pipe diameter (less materials, lower cost).
• No pitch in pipework required.
• Invert coordination is eliminated.
• Further overhead horizontal runs are possible.
• Under-slab piping is reduced significantly or eliminated.
• Cost of excavation, backfill, and compaction is reduced significantly.
• The depth of rain retention ponds or tanks is reduced.
• Cost of rainwater harvesting cisterns is reduced. Above ground tanks
  are possibilities. Underground tank depth is reduced. Tank location is
  highly flexible.
• Higher operating velocities contribute to effective interior cleansing.
• Renovation and historic preservation is aided with smaller piping and there is no  need to saw existing slabs to install new pipe.
• Flexible gutter design without limitation of downpipe locations.

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